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TBO Printing & Publishing Share Company trusts in manroland web systems leading technology
Issued date”G2018/6/13
Source”Gmanroland web system
manroland web systems once more proves to be the best remaining provider for printing equipment. With selling two CROMOMAN  presses and a ROTOMAN HiPrint commercial system to Africa, the market leading position of the manufacturer and service partner from Augsburg is emphasized. 

Future-proof Investment

Together with the sales and service partner VIP Systems, manroland web systems can launch an order of altogether three new presses for Ethiopia: one ROTOMAN HiPrint commercial press and two CROMOMAN systems. The two CROMOMAN are supposed to print school books, the ROTOMAN will print magazines, inserts and other standard commercial products.

As manroland web systems is also a synonym for highest automation, as well the newspaper presses as the commercial press will be equipped with the latest automation features for highest efficiency, productivity and quality – indispensable qualities for modern and competitive printing today.


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