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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches the Smallest and the Lightest A4 Color Printer and Multifunction Printer in Their Class
Issued date”G2021/5/4
Source”GFUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong launched today the A4 color printer ApeosPrint C325 dw and the A4 color multifunction device Apeos C325 z / C325 dw, the smallest and the lightest models in their class. Sales of the two products will begin on May 4, 2021.
ApeosPrint C325 dw
Compared to conventional models, the ApeosPrint C325 dw and Apeos C325 z / C325 dw have reduced their body volume by approximately 40 percent by incorporating newly developed engines. The ApeosPrint C325 dw is about 9 cm shorter in height and weighs about 7 kg less while the Apeos C325 z, which can scan ID cards and send faxes, is about 14 cm shorter and weighs about 10 kg less. With this significant reduction in size, the new printers can fit easily into business with limited space such as retail service counters, hospitality receptions, clinics, offices, and many more.
Apeos C325 z 
With its new compactness, the ApeosPrint C325 dw and Apeos C325 z / C325 dw have no compromise on performance, image quality and data security. It supports continuous printing speed of 31 sheets per minute on A4 size, 41 sheets per minute on A5 size in both color and, black and white. Stable image quality is also ensured with the newly developed LED Print Head that corrects the light level, and FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s proprietary IReCT technology that corrects the image quality. With the Secure Print feature, SMBv3/TLS1.3 support and password protection for incoming fax, important information is protected. For multiple-device installation, the setting in the first device can be cloned (replicated) to multiple devices. This function will reduce the time required for setup procedures and increase the operational efficiency and productivity of customers.

The new ApeosPrint C325 dw and Apeos C325 z / C325 dw are available through FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited and its authorized distributors at recommended price HK$3,699 / HK$4,499 / HK$4,199, respectively. 


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